The Woven Dreams Vision and Values

 Doing What We Love - Loving What We Do

Handmade, natural, recycled, ethical, local - these are The Woven Dreams Core Values outlined in detail below. It has taken a lot of hard work to build a business around these values, hard work that pays off in a big way, internally and externally, locally and globally. We strive to keep our values individually and as a business, challenging us, requiring us to think outside the box and work harder and smarter. In keeping our word the work pays off with great feedback from people who share the same vision, values and love, allowing us to love what we do and do what we love on much bigger scale.

The Woven Dreams Vision and Values

  1. The Woven Dream is dedicated to sharing the love and the lifestyle when it comes to business development, personal development, nature and evolving with our environment with anyone who is interested. This means, promoting what we love, know and learn from running a business, living sustainably and ethically within our natural environment, being location independent, loving and learning about nature travel and adventure, providing services that can better connect you to this and promoting products, people and services that are in line with our values and we think you need to hear about.

  2. The Woven Dream provides products and packaging that are handmade with love and intent from 100% natural or recycled, ethically sourced and cruelty-free materials.

  3. The Woven Dream uses local materials, suppliers and service providers for products and packaging from locations we operate in. This is only Melbourne at this stage, as we evolve we will work from wherever the world bring us and use only local materials at the time we are there.

  4. The Woven Dreams recycled packaging is sourced and selected with the intention to be reused, we also offer a return your packaging program where customers receive a $35 online store credit when returning wooden boxes (with all tags, string, paper etc that came in the box) and a $15 online store credit when returning bags and cardboard packages (with all tags, string, paper etc that came in the box).

  5. The Woven Dream cross-promotes with businesses that hold the same values to keep integrity and ourselves fully aligned with our vision and beliefs for The Woven Dream.

  6. The Woven Dream makes products available to who ever wants them and considers all custom orders and any items that can clear customs can be posted worldwide upon request.

  7. The Woven Dream is actively looking and working towards growing so we can provide donations or services to people in need. Please get in tough with us if you have a great cause you would like to share with us.

  8. The Woven Dream holds focus on keeping all staff values in line with core business values to move forwards with integrity, alignment and to evolve with our environment from a place of love.

The Journey

Our Home Page - provides a warm introduction to The Woven Dreams journey of Weaving. Dreaming. Creating - Sharing the Love and the Lifestyle.

The Bigger Picture

For a bigger picture and some background you can also visit our about page.



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