Featured in The Woven Dream Aragonite Star Cluster Dream Weaver and The Woven Dream Aragonite Sputnik Dream Weaver Aragonite is a spectacular edition to your home or sacred space. 

Aragonite reminds us we do not live in isolation and that our very existence depends on our complex and fragile biosphere. It signifies the subtle, myriad ripple effects of our choices and actions that only become apparent with mindful reflection.

Aragonite, like its polymorphous twin crystal Calcite, is a naturally occurring mineral of the sea. The literal backbone of the ocean, Aragonite is the primary constituent of coral and also forms the iridescent layer of mollusc shells and pearls.

Known as a stabiliser of the the base and earth star chakras, Araganite can deepen your connection with the earth and provide an inner knowing that you can always rely on the wild, natural world to set your spirit free. 


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