Welcome to the Woven Dream

A space created to connect you to nature and yourself, to nurture, heal, rejuvenate and integrate natural and conscious elements of the world's beauty into your life.

This is me Hayley Rose, Creator of The Woven Dream, Designer, Adventurer, Wanderer, Teacher, Lover, Learner and this is my story...

Hayley Kershaw

I am in love with the natural world, magic, adventure and travel and have been since I was a tiny, muddy, wild child. So many amazing memories as a child have shaped me into who I am today: exploring the bush, searching for trees and flowers I hadn't yet seen or smelt, digging for treasure, carving sticks and rocks, running barefoot in the rain, feeling the mud squish through my toes, raising my beautiful animals, and growing food.

At the end of each day I would transcribe my findings into ornate patterns with mystical meanings, letting my imagination run wild. When I look back I wonder what my life would be like if I was able to have followed my instinctual love of being natural, wild and free but the world was not moving that way.

As we move through life there are so many things that take away our freedom, take away our inner essence and guide us towards becoming something everyone else wants us to be. We are not taught to love and nurture ourselves and grow into what we want from our own hearts, wants and desires.

After time many of us are left wondering what went wrong - how did we travel so far along a path taking us away from self love and nurturing? This is where returning to love brings the natural desires back into our awareness and allows us to discover new life, find positive new directions and grow consciously from a place of self love.

Embracing the love of self and living as the expression of this can be a hard road full of self sabotage and depression, but in darkness we find light. Self observation and the study of many modalities lead me to replace unconscious habits with studied and practised rituals tailored to suit me and my essence. I slowly but surely rewired myself to help my being evolve, starting with the most important practice of all: learning to listen to my own intuition and feelings and actually let myself fully shine.

It’s taken a life time to remove self sabotage and barriers and allow myself to create inner balance, to strive, do and share what I love. As I opened my heart up to myself everything pointed to back to the things I love most: nature, magic, creation, and rejuvenation. All of my creations come from my heart, from what I love doing, and it all oozes with this energy.

Listening to my heart I learned ancient connections to archetypes, to nature, to the divine, studied healing modalities, sacred symbols, practices and medicines of healing and visited natural places of healing around the world. I learned about the structure and formation of beautiful crystals and minerals and found rich symbolic links with how we form and grow as people. I found the same beautiful metaphors in the ecology and characteristics of the plants and animals used as elements in my work.

I weave these stories into all of my creations, creating meaningful works of art to adorn your sacred space and jewellery to carry with you wherever you go.

At every step of our journey the beauty of nature is everywhere, my creations are designed to bring awareness to our inner and outer worlds, balancing and bringing peace to the self and environment we live in. All designs are consciously inspired by nature, bringing the outdoors indoors, creating constant reminders of adventure, and deep connection to spirit.

My collection of natural things I love, things I love to make with my own hands in my home in Australia and Canada with intent and meaning is what you will see at The Woven Dream. Sacred art you can feel, hold, wear, have in your home to nourish heal, rejuvenate and connect you to your heart, the hearts of others and naturally to nature.

With Love,

-Hayley Rose
Creative Director
The Woven Dream