Unique, handmade, naturally inspired jewellery

Featuring recycled, raw natural materials including ethically sourced raw crystals, recycled copper and organic materials, my jewellery is handmade with love and care to capture all of natures beautiful details.

Raw crystals are carefully hand selected by me, a worldly, experienced crystal hunter. I only choose those that are unique, beautiful and special.

Purposefully designed to connect you to the natural world, my passion and intent with collections is to create a powerful reminder that there is a wild and wonderful life waiting for us outside the box where dreams come true.

Every copper item is unique, all copper pedants have a piece of nature captured eternally inside. Silver pendants have been cast from our original and unique copper pieces.

CUSTOM ORDERS WELCOMED - Please visit my Instagram Page for works in progress, I'm always sharing the love and lifestyle.

Jewellery shipping to Canada, Australia and the United States is $10.

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