Bluhouse Market & Cafe - North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Stocking The Woven Dream’s one of a kind necklaces and woven baskets all handmade in Canada and hosting our weaving and meditation workshops - Bluhouse Market and Cafe is our second home providing delicious local organic food, smoothies and a market full of amazing organic local produce and ethical products all selected with great care. Every detail in this super cute café and market has come from a lady of love Jen (now one of my favourite people), who continually supports the community with such passion, integrity, care and love. All you have to do is take a look around and you will see and feel this everywhere, it wraps the entire place in deliciousness, just like the crepes do to the beautifully selected contents! If you drop in take a good look around there is a beautiful wooden deck out back surrounded by a garden. You can help Blu get seating on the deck by simply by signing the petition at the front counter. Did I mention Blu has a heritage award as it is still the original building!

4342 Gallant Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7G Canada

Bohemia Consignment - Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

Favorite Store on SSI! Pop in and meet the owners Katie and Katy, you won't regret it and will be treated like a queen. From the moment I first walked into this store I was blown away by how kind these beautiful ladies are! I love all the collections in the store and the way it has been put together the style the feel and the feeling I get when arriving there. These ladies have got it sorted and will get you sorted if you are looking for the perfect gift or piece for you to rock. This is a not to miss recycled fashion store on Salt Spring Island and there are some real gems in there! Don't forget to hit Axe and Reel next door (the men's version) and I love it just as much in there!

111 Rainbow Rd, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2V5

Vintage Stash - Collingwood, VIC, Australia

A unique collection of The Woven Dream Copper and Crystal Jewellery exclusive to Vintage Stash! Don't miss a visit to this great Eclectic Homeware and Gift Shop. Vintage Stash is Melbourne's treasure trove of unique homewares, vintage and antique furniture, complemented by thoughtfully designed gifts.

358A Smith St, Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia

Crystal Rozie - Canberra, ACT, Australia

A place to call home, whilst wandering the world - Crystal Rozie takes care of, gift wrapping and distribution for online products including our unique collection of Dream Weavers, Wreaths, Baskets, Jewellery and Accessories. Get in touch with us for postal inquiries and special requests. Cheers Mum! (Don't we love our Mum's!)

Gungahlin, ACT, Australia

STUR Gallery - Braidwood, NSW, Australia

A gallery and store focusing on the contemporary. Exhibitions from emerging and established contemporary artists. Design stationery, design objects. Phone: +61430169836 "A place passed by every weekend heading towards adventures at the beach, worth the stop filled with many memories and warm smiles" - Hayley, TWD

84 Wallace Street, Braidwood NSW - Australia

Bowen Island Espresso Hut - Bowen Island, BC, Canada

Stocking our Bowen Island Espresso Copper Coffee bean necklaces. Stop by and grab a coffee and have a chat with Chiara the wonderful owner whos behind the roasting. Chiara purchased the Hut in October as a long time resident of Bowen, not wanting to see the hut be pulled down she jumped in to keep it going and has such a lovely story to tell.

1-431 Bowen Island Trunk Rd, Bowen Island, BC, Canada

Fernwood Road Cafe - Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

Stocking our Mt Maxwell Coffee Coffee Bean Necklaces this beautiful spot on Salt Spring Island is my neighborhood hang out and favorite spot to get work done! Jennifer and David purchased the Fernwood Road Cafe in 2011 and have been living the Island dream since. This place has ocean views and is always full of smiles and wonderful people.

325 Fernwood Rd, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

Human Happiness - Canberra, ACT, Australia

Kylie Blacksell, the magical intuitive behind Human Happiness offers a range of personal development tools, yoga classes, healing therapy, Reiki, numerology and astrology. Kylie is an amazing intelligent intuitive and always offers great healing sessions, tools and advice. A selection of our beautiful Dream Weavers can be purchased online and viewed and collected from her studio. Kylie has a strong desire to help others through healing, teaching, comfort and empowerment. Check out her website as there is a world of knowledge there waiting for you to explore the magic.

17 Newland St, Flynn, ACT, Australia

Habits - Nelson, BC, Canada

Habits is a women's clothing store in the heart of Nelson. Awesome store, carefully selected beautiful quality soft materials and the style is rocking! I love finding sores like these where the owners love comes out and is seen and felt in all the choices in there. Closest to an upmarket Byron Bay store I have found yet. I walked in and fell in love with the style of Habits and all the beauty in there. Pop in and check out my jewellery collection, say hi to owner and awesome business woman Klara and you wont be able to walk out of there empty handed, its all so beautiful!

579 Baker St, Nelson, BC V1L 4J1

Axe & Reel

Another must see store on Salt Spring! Such a great concept and I'm honored to have my bigger pieces in here, totally re inspired me to keep creating and stay put on the Islands. From the masters of this awesome store: "Exploring is a basic part of human nature, it gives us peace, allows us to fulfill curiosity, it provides the satisfaction of conquest, and for many, it sustains us (for a while) through the monotony of our regular life. It's up to us to decide how, where and what you explore. If your exploring takes you outdoors Axe & Reel Outdoor Emporium is a great first stop. With our dedication to the outdoors, you can be sure to find something you can use to be more prepared on your next adventure. At Axe & Reel we also carry an assortment of work wear. If you need boots, pants, sock, under garments or just a good work shirt? We've got you covered."