Jewels of The Woven Dream

Unique, handmade, naturally inspired jewellery

Copper Care

Featuring recycled raw natural materials including ethically sourced raw crystals, beautiful recycled organic materials and copper, our jewellery is handmade with love and care to capture maximum details and realness of the natural raw elements.

Each unique piece is purposefully designed to keep you connected to the natural world and act as a balancing force in this life consumed with technology and long working hours. My passion and intent with each piece in this collection is to create a powerful reminder that there is a wild and wonderful life waiting for us outside the box where dreams come true.

The physical presence of having a piece of the natural world resting against your heart makes an undeniable difference to every moment - keeping you closer to nature, our mother, the source, you, LOVE, and a reminder that the answer to all of life's problems can always be found in the natural world.

We do consider custom orders, please contact us if you have a special request.