Understanding and Caring for Copper

Getting to know Copper

Working with copper has been a very interesting and rewarding journey, unlike inert metals copper changes and transforms over time.

I think its quite a beautiful process to observe and it gets me thinking of all the things that have been hand crafted with it over the 10,000 years that it has been being used in jewellery making always inspiring new projects.

I decided to work with copper because of the obvious and beautiful process of oxidization and the endless possibilities and processes that can be used when creating new pieces.

What to Expect as an Owner of Copper Jewellery

Copper naturally oxidises when it is exposed to our skin, products we use, air pollution and tap water and oxidisation causes the copper to tarnish. Copper may also cause tarnishing to silver on contact.

Please note copper used on our products will oxidise, some new pieces look shiny and some have started to oxidise due to the nature of the metal and other materials that have been electroplated to begin with. Some pieces may tarnish faster than others.

We do not use a wax or seal to stop this process as we like to embrace all things natural. To me this is what makes the piece beautiful and as the oxidation progresses each piece develops its own unique antique look.

Caring for your unique piece

Slowing Oxidization

If you want your copper to keep its shine for longer you can protect your piece by store in it in a zip lock bag in a dry place, avoid getting it wet and touching it too much.

Cleaning Copper

Cleaning with White Vinegar

This is probably the quickest and most effective method. Find a soft cloth or  tissue, wet it with white vinegar and polish softly. Remember copper is a delicate metal so be gentle.

Cleaning with Lemon and Salt

Use small bowl of lemon juice (enough to cover the piece), add 1/2 a teaspoon of salt and mix. Sit the copper in the solution for 1 minute, remove and wipe down, polish if necessary with a soft dry cloth. Avoid rinsing in tap water.

Cleaning with Baking Soda

Sprinkle your piece with baking soda and polish with a wet cloth, or combine equal parts baking soda, lemon juice and salt to form a paste to polish, rinse with de-mineralised water and polish with a soft dry cloth.

Cleaning with Crystals

Avoid cleaning jewellery that has both copper and crystal with lemon as the acidity may damage the stones. Some crystals need special-handling so please get to know your crystal and what it needs. There are many sources that provide information about crystal handling, here's one that may help you: http://www.crystal-healing.org.uk/geology-and-crystal-healing/special-handling