Calcite featured in The Woven Dream Sandy Calcite Dream Weaver, is a beautiful crystal that is often regarded as a symbol of the sea sun and sight.

A mineral of the sea, Calcite is found abundantly in sedimentary rock and is the primary constituent of many sea shells, recycled by an uncountable number of generations of diverse sea creatures over the millennia.

Calcite's optical properties also formed the basis of some of the earliest forms of sight - some 250 to 500 million years ago, the ancient Trilobytes used thousands of microscopic Calcite crystals as lenses, bestowing them with vision.

Primarily found in a beautiful sunny yellow colour Calcite is a symbol of the sun, sea and sand aligning with the Power Chakra (the Solar Plexus) it is also used to promote clarity of sight, awareness of life's natural cycles and rhythms and encourages assertiveness around stepping into your power.

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