Basket Weaving - An Ancient Tradition

Learning different weaving methods has been a process that always inspires me to create, experiment, connect and teach. I highly recommend picking up this powerful skill as I believe it brings greater balance within yourself and with those around you.

Basket weaving is a magical tradition that dates back 10,000 years and is native to most cultures. With such a long history and millions of inspirational told and untold stories practising this traditional meditation leaves a strong sense of connection to the self, those around you, your family and community, ancestors and past lives.

Weaving in many traditions was commonly practised in a group setting and when weaving is being shared with others it offers a strong sense of connection whether it be silent or over discussion. There is something very ancient and magical about this that words just can’t describe.

Because the weaving styles I use are slow they are a great tool to connect to the self and drop into a deep solo or group meditative state. I find this always helps to calm and better understand myself as each stitch connects to the next passing round and round, every time I create something new a new journey begins bringing energy for both healing and growth.

Basket weaving also brings a greater sense of awareness and connection to the land, nature and resources around you. Throughout my weaving journey I have learnt about using natural, sustainable and recycled materials. The sense of connection is what I really love, the awareness and interest continually grows and I find myself watching the land change through the seasons and growing my knowledge around the seasonal change.

Hunting and gathering is in our blood and the simple act of searching for and identifying plants engages our deepest instincts. This is my favourite part of basket weaving and is such a rewarding process as there are so many materials to be discovered.

Taking time to observe the land and learn about using sustainable resources has been a wonderful journey. I always use all natural and sustainable basket weaving materials such as different tree bark and needles, shrubs, grasses and different types of natural wool. There are also many types of weaving materials I find from garden clippings.

Getting creative with all sorts of weaving materials has lead me to creating sustainable, useful tools, hand-woven works of art and homewares including wall hangings, baskets, mats, vases and large bowls. Watching the materials get transformed into beautiful hand-woven works of art is a very personal and unique experience and allows me to bring the outdoors indoors and think outside the box.

When introduced to weaving techniques, you will begin to hunt for different materials everywhere and see the sheer beauty of hand-crafted things, all the details, time and passion one has put into their works. Morocco is a great place to travel to see examples of this beautiful ancient tradition and stoke your creative fire until it is roaring.


Weaving is a natural meditation bringing a strong sense of connection to the natural world, our roots and those around us.

Workshops and experiences pop up regularly around the world, facilitated by designer and Creative Director Hayley Kershaw (that's me). I have spent the last few years working with different types of natural fibres, journeying through meditative practices, learning and teaching techniques to bring people together around the world, to create ethical handmade designs and bring awareness around using natural and sustainable materials.

Contact us for current workshop dates or private/special occasion bookings around the world. Workshops can be brought to events, retreat spaces, birthday celebrations, group circles and more! 

Weaving. Dreaming. Creating

Hayley Rose Kershaw
Creative Director 
The Woven Dream

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