Vanadinite is one of our favourites used in The Woven Dream's Ethical Handmade Raw Crystal Necklace Collection. All pieces of this beautiful crystal are ethically sourced and used in raw form allowing us to admire the beautiful works of nature and offering very unique pieces unlike any others.


Vanadanite radiates amazing fiery reds and enticing blocks of sparkles that let you get lost gazing into infinity and dreaming of endless possibilities. 

Vanadanite is known as a fire element stone, we like to call it the “getting shit done crystal” and use this as a tool to turn dreams into reality giving focus, drive and determination along with the vitality needed to sustain you along the way. 

This is the perfect companion crystal for planning and positive change, getting through difficult tasks and achieving results. When worn close to the heart Vanadanite can act as a stimulant to reignite fire in your heart - and in your sex life.

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