Amethyst our customers favourites! Used in The Woven Dream's Ethical Handmade Raw Crystal Necklace Collection. All pieces of Amethyst used in our creations are ethically sourced and hand selected in raw form allowing us to admire the beautiful works of nature and offering very unique pieces unlike any others.

Amethyst draws your eyes in to its beautiful patterned purples, mauves and lilacs in Crystalline Quartz and mesmerises you, allowing you to find yourself in a calm meditative state that enhances positive energy.

A crystal commonly known to bring power protection and wisdom, amethyst offers a calm mind, bringing intuitive awareness and a deeper love of the Divine promoting spiritual wisdom.

The word amethyst comes from the Greek meaning "without drunkenness" when worn it is believed to protect one from poison and instil a sober mind. Amethyst then became well renowned to balance the mind and calm or stimulate depending on which is needed.

At home Amethyst, if set in a place that captures the sun its qualities amplify and bring your home stronger healing qualities and reduce negative energy that may be present a great home companion for any household.

Using Amethyst The Woven Dream have put together some custom order necklaces and some beautiful Dream Weavers to be used as healing totems also pictured here. If you are interested in a custom made necklace or Dream Weaver please get in touch with us.

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