Becoming a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Over the past month I have packed up The Woven Dream to travel with me and discover more of the world, something that I have been determined to do for so long. To be able to think big and execute this is what I am really grateful for today. It hasn't been an easy ride and there are challenges that will continue to come up but it is every bit worth it.


My partner and I chose to travel to Morocco and spend a month in resting mode before heading off to Canada and the US to work and experience the rest of the world in due course. A fresh start in a totally different environment is always a magical journey of expansion.



I think back now to the time I was working in a Government job where I was unhappy working to fulfil other people’s dreams, watching tax payer funds – the community’s wealth - being spent on mind-blowingly meaningless things. I think back to the day I decided to quit and on this day I was feeling victorious. My boss told me I was taking a stupid risk and throwing my career and lifestyle away but I knew it was so much more important to figure out what it meant to love what I do, to love my work and love my job.

I knew my heart and soul needed to find this love, but it quickly dawned on me that I had no idea what the reality of any of that meant, I had been so conditioned for years to actively seek debt-fuelling chains of a luxury lifestyle, fancy cars and expensive houses that doing what I love seemed to be moving in the total opposite direction. I was so far from myself I didn't even know what it was that I loved and the idea that finding this was possible was inspiring and also terrifying.



Throwing my career and lifestyle away? The truth is that the biggest risk I ever could have taken would be letting go of my freedom and succumbing to a lifetime working for someone else, fulfilling their dreams, commands & expectations and being an unhappy human that didn't feel passion.

I am grateful to have dodged that bullet.

From the moment I left my job, I was on a mission. A mission to reverse this cycle, a mission to find out who I am, to find what I love and lead this lifestyle as a choice, MY choice in turn leading me pursuing a career in finding and building MY ultimate lifestyle with a vision to teach others to do the same.



There is a world of unique perspective inside of everyone, inside each of us is a treasure chest of love, desire and passion. Leaning inwards, accepting, loving and following this is the only way to become truly happy and to truly shine.

Over the last few years after really listening to myself, letting myself feel whats true to me, thinking outside the box, getting out there travelling and expanding, opening a business that sits close to my heart that's able to fuel my creative fire, I have found new passion and desire. I am not restricted to a position, I am not suited to a particular job or title I am someone that is constantly changing, learning, adapting, expanding, growing and with this I find love, peace, compassion and joy. As I grow within myself, as I grow my business, as I teach others to grow I realise I am wild and free to live my life the way I want to live and the best way I can describe myself and what I do is, I'm a Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs - People who build careers around their ideal lifestyles, as opposed to the other way around. People who seek positive change and follow their hearts, people who encourage, teach and inspire others to become Lifestyle Entrepreneurs leading better lives, lives of passion, determination drive and joy. The ultimate risk some may say but every bit worth it to stand your ground, to liven your soul and be the best version of you there ever will be!

With love,

Hayley Rose
Creative Director

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    I love this – proud of you Hails xxx mumma

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