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So this blog post was written at a time where elections for Trump were in motion and I was told by a good friend not to post in fear of what people may think and attach it to my brand. I look over this now and feel silly I didn't share as it is so important to me to share our passions and beliefs and to help share others too! So I'm a little late, and Trump did get elected but I decide to share this now because my heart beats to share the love in the world even if there is a subtle little grudge in there. Here it is:

Our connection to land, to nature and the very present spirit it carries through the wind into our souls is something we as individuals experience on a daily basis, weather we work a 9-5 desk job or spend our time on the land exploring, learning from it this is connection is a unique and very individual expression we all experience on different levels. We strive for it, some live for it, but none of us can live without it.

This connection drives many of us to do what we are doing, to move through life with a great passion and a mission to learn from the land, to research and help it evolve with humans and to teach others to follow their passion with all of their hearts, especially when nature is involved.

Australian Bird Feeding and Watering Study

My connection to nature drives what I do, it is my spirit, my guide, my love and my mission. To find a passion and a cause to work towards with natures evolution involved is what many of us are missing, this grounding connection to land, to nature and spirit, this yearn to help it evolve with us instead of destroying it. The commitment to teach and guide others and help them find their passion in nature is a really big thing, much bigger than any of us and its really important to support each other in this as we grow.

This blog followed a talk I attended by Dr Grannie Cleary on the Australian Bird Feeding and Watering Study and it really struck a chord with me. I have watched Dr Grannie Cleary's study unfold over the past few years and the sheer passion, commitment and determination can’t be expressed in words. Throughout Grannies journey I have witnessed some of the ups and downs that come with a study this involved, and to describe ultimate dedication is just not enough she is a magnificent woman, her passion is driven by her love and strong connection to the land and spirits that eternally whisper in the wind.  

Australian Bird Feeding and Watering Study

After witnessing such passion and love from Professor Cleary on a day full of ominous global events on November 9, 2016 this let a very strong message which I needed to share. Fear grows fear, love grows love, there are people in the world that are working for the greater good and spreading the love they just need support to become more recognized! These people stand out and inspire others to move forwards with love. They are not here to get recognition, praise or a pat on the back and no matter how hard things may get they keep on pushing and excel because they are coming from a place of love, from their hearts and they truly want to help the environment we are slowly destroying. This message kept my faith that working from the heart with mother nature is the answer and working from a place of fear only attracts people that feed off it which will in time destroy the very thing that keeps us alive, beautiful mother nature.

These people working for the greater good are everywhere, some are underdeveloped in finding their passion and committing to it, but by god it’s a much stronger force than focusing on the shit kickers that have ended up/or may end up “in control” of this world. Stand strong and follow your heart, for the greater good there is still hope, we come in numbers and are here to support each other.

Australian Bird Feeding and Watering Study

Life’s ultimate driver is passion we all owe it to ourselves to find what lights us up, to follow it and work on it day in day out, if you one of the people that are frustrated because you can't find your passion this is a good thing, keep looking for this will always help you and everyone around you, even when you do find it "your passion" you will continue looking and you always will be. This is because we are all always changing, if you are really stuck on what your passion is start with helping nature evolve, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for there, any studies you carry out, any good energy you bring to this is helping the rest of the world in one way or another - recognise this.

Check out the dedication and commitment from Dr Gannie Cleary and please help support this study by participating and learning about the very valuable findings coming from it.

Our connection to land has evolved since the beginning of our time and our interactions with these amazing avian creatures will not stop especially as we force them to become more urbanised as we take over more and more land. This study is being conducted to identify what water and food resources people are providing to birds, how to develop and distribute the right food sources, how to identify and stop spreading disease in birds, what species are showing up in urban and rural areas and provided to educate the public of Australia on what birds needs are around feeding, watering and our interactions with them. 

Image from Australian Bird Feeding and Watering Study

For the greater good explore your deeper connection to nature and support others doing the same! If you feed birds, or supply them with water or want to get on this study - sign up here!

All Images supplied by the Australian Bird Feeding and Watering Study

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