Conserving Nature's Beauty

Being able to constantly evolve with our environment and taking care of ourselves with respect for all of natures beauty is something I really value and I bring these values to The Woven Dream with full force. Respecting the environment is respecting ourselves. 

As a real lover of our environment and nature there are so many things we can do to take better care of it! There are so many small changes that each and every one of us can make that WILL make a HUGE difference now and over time. We are dedicated to helping you out with getting to know what these are so stay tuned for regular blogs to help you Evolve with our Environment! How can you help? Start HERE!


Simple facts hidden behind taboo

"The average woman uses around 12 000 pads and tampons in a lifetime. This contributes approximately 120 kg to landfill. In Australia, women contribute approximately 18 thousand metric tonnes of sanitary waste to landfill every year." Sustainable Menstruation Australia

"The sanitary waste disposal industry is huge. Sanitary disposal bins in businesses, offices, restaurants and public bathrooms contain chemicals and have to be emptied by special cleaners. The pads, tampons, plastic wrappers and toilet paper are then transported by special trucks to be either incinerated, or added to landfill. This costs businesses, councils and governments financially, and this is passed on to the people." - Sustainable Menstruation Australia 

 How you can make a difference

    1. Stop buying pads and tampons they are damaging your bodies and the environment.
    2. Check out She Thinx for revolutionary underwear and see Support By Vivian's review  on the awesomeness! 
    3. Visit Sustainable Menstruation Australia for the environmental stats, values and mission and products for sustainable menstrual cups.
    4. Spread the word, share, write reviews, get support, tell your friends, get your man or woman to support you, tell your story, GET IT OUT THERE, remove the SHAME! The less shame the more people who will get on board! 
    5. Stick to it and do what you can for this beautiful place we live in.

I strongly suggest you celebrate regularly by doing your own calculations on how much waste and chemical waste you have reduced, how much money you have saved, how good the results are and publicising this wherever you can to keep spreading the word. Don't forget to do the numbers on all the friends you have converted too. 

Its surprising how much waste and money this one small step can save! One small step leads to big changes! Respect the environment, respect yourself! 

Image credit: Earth Mama Doula Services, Facebook


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  • Vivian

    I totally never even considered sanitary waste disposal! That adds a whole other load! Thanks for sharing my review! Also, menstrual cups are another great option to reduce waste :)

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