Copper + Silver Coffee Bean Jewellery

Ex Melbourne Coffee Connoisseur to
Island hopping Java Jeweller 

Born and raised just outside of Canberra, Australia's capital, my search for the best coffee started when I hit the public service (more than 10 years ago now). In those long days coffee became a necessity to stay awake.

In a short space of time I went from dirt cheap coffees with 2 sugars and milk in throwaway cups, to straight black coffee in my travel mug to save my health and the environment.

Good coffee was hard to find in Canberra back then (but not now there is Atlas on Hibbertson), I found I was constantly in search of the best coffee around, made by people who know how to make a stellar coffee! After the Centenary of Canberra celebration hit, the city saw a number of hip 'n' happening roasters pop up, and of course, the bearded baristas and amazing coffees came with. 

After Canberra, I moved to Melbourne just near Smith Street where I lived for two years. My home was where I created The Wove Dream located right by some of the best coffee (and food) in the world so I didn't have to search any longer. I was spoiled for choice and I became a true coffee snob for sure. 

Since packing up and leaving Melbourne, I've been on the road for around two and a half years traveling, experiencing, adventuring whilst working online, needless to say, I need A LOT of coffee! From Australia to Morocco, Mexico to the US, to spending the majority of time island-hopping beautiful British Columbia. Working online on the road turned into continuing my house and pet sitting journey. 

House and pet sitting had me hopping all over the place, and again always on the lookout for the best coffee around. Typically I spent 3 to 4 weeks in one place, just enough to settle a little, find the real gems, then I was off again and often returned to repeat sits.

My coffee love affair inspired me to start a coffee bean jewellery line featuring my most favorite beans from the best roasters and cafes in the world. Everything I create has a story, these weren't just any roasters and cafes, but the ones that you can really FEEL the love that's been poured into them, the ones that are a true extension of someones heart the places I call CONTAINERS OF LOVE.

Coffee Bean Necklaces Bluhouse

Bluhouse Market and Cafe serving Moja coffee hit the top of the list for the best coffee in BC. It was here I began my coffee bean electroplating journey.

The original copper coffee bean necklace sits on the neck the lovely Jennifer McCarthy the creator of this magical container of love. Original Jewels in copper and silver were created from Moja Coffee beans collected from my first ever visit to Bluhouse.

The process I use is not dipping, coating or brush plating its electroplating. Electroplating using the old school method ensures strength and durability for jewels to last a lifetime. I love my creations and make them to last and I offer free repairs and cleaning services.

I drill carefully drill tiny holes in the roasted beans, fasten little copper rings inside and coat them with a thin varnish to capture all-natural detail. I coat varnished beans in graphite ready for plating taking 5 to 8 days of painting and drying. I plate coffee beans with recycled copper over 6 days, super slowly to ensure they are solid and all the fine details show. I then create small molds to make the solid silver coffee bean jewels... then I fall in love with all of them.

All copper beans have a real coffee bean captured eternally inside. The copper used comes from recycled phone lines from my Dad's farm in New South Wales, Australia (omg so much recycled cool stuff in there to play with!) and premium grade copper off cuts from my good friends in Oakland who make some incredible things! Check out Lucas Ahlstrand Custom Furniture and Westwind Succlents 

I create Java Jewels currently from Two Before Ten beans from Atlas on Hibertson in Canberra, Moja Coffee in Vancouver, Bowen Island Espresso Hut on Bowen Island and Mount Maxwell Coffee on Salt Spring Island... and the list continues to grow as well as fun collaborations such as silver coffee bean displays and Christmas Coffee Lover gift packs.


The Woven Dream Coffee Bean Necklaces + Charms
Where to get yours?

For a full list and detailed information on products visit:

The Woven Dream - Java Jewels 

For jewels I post to most counties on request

Custom and wholesale orders welcomed

I offer free repairs and cleaning services

You can also find workshops, resources, care guides, crystal guides and a lifestyle blog by travelling around my webspace.


The Woven Dream Java Collection Stockists + Etsy 

Visit The Woven Dream on Etsy or personally check out the stockists where you can view, touch and try on items.

Crystal Rozie - Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia 

Atlas on Hibbertson - Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Bluhouse Market and Cafe - Deep Cove, North Vancouver, BC, Canada 

Bowen Island Espresso Hut - Bowen Island, BC, Canada

Fernwood Road Cafe -Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada 

Bohemia Consignment - Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

Shavasana Cafe and Gallery - Mayne Island, BC, Canada

Envision Fine Art and Gallery - Mayne Island, BC, Canada


The Woven Dream Java Collection Wholesale Opportunity + Custom Orders

Coffee lovers, cafe owners, roasters, want your own branded coffee beans or want to become a stockist of these beauties?

The Woven Dream Java Jewels feature real coffee beans, recycled copper or solid 925 Silver. This collection captures detailed features of each natural unique coffee bean. Custom and wholesale requests are welcomed.

Purchase from the Java Collection directly or I offer a pretty unique collaboration opportunity! My coffee beans (both copper and silver) can be made from your very own special coffee beans from Silver or Copper (copper has the real bean captured eternally inside, silver is a fully solid silver coffee bean).  Wholesale is available for both. Please get in touch to discuss.   

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