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A conscious giveaway designed to spread love and expose magic within

The Woven Dream Collective Giveaway

Together we have joined forces with a really amazing group of women in business to celebrate the magic inside all of us and give away a bunch of our treasures. There are so many amazing women doing amazing things and the more we work together the more we create an impact, bigger than we ever thought possible!

How to enter

Giveaway will be live and ready for entries on the 28th Feb 2020 at 2:00pm PST. Entries close March 24th 2020 at 2:00pm PST. Winner will be drawn at random on the new moon of March 24th 2020 at 5:00pm PST.

Enter this giveaway by finding the giveaway post on any of our accounts and follow the instructions listed starting here.

To enter accounts must be public so we can contact you.

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The prize pool

The Woven Dream

Amethyst Crystal Necklace - Made for protection, to bring power along with a calm mind, intuitive awareness and a deeper love of the Divine promoting spiritual wisdom. Ethically sourced Veracruz crystal electroplated over time with recycled copper. Made to last (not brush plated or dipped) with love, time, care and dedication. This beauty comes on a sterling silver (925) chain.

Amethyst Necklace - The Woven Dream 

Clear Quartz Point - A beautiful piece of clear quartz to cleanse your space your crystal collection and other magical items and clear your mind. 

The Woven Dream is a one-woman shop owned by Hayley Rose "I create with love all-natural ethical art and jewels and run workshops and retreats to connect us back to our creativity, our roots, and our ancestors through weaving, learning about the land and meditations. I also help small businesses too."

Crescent Breeze BnB

A night's accommodation - Enjoy a stay at the beautiful Crescent Breeze you will fall in love with this beautiful place! This one is name transferable as we know some can't travel to claim this (but it's worth the travel) Beautiful accommodation steps from the beach. Two different suites are available to rent. Enjoy and relax in this calm and welcoming community.

Crescent Breeze is owned and managed by the lovely Deb a powerhouse lady who loves her guests ensuring their needs are met and they are free and happy. She's such a lovely caring lady to meet and chat with.

Salt Spring Island Bees Wax Wraps 

Bees Wax Wraps x 2 starter packs x 1 Casserolees Wrap - An eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap. Ditch the plastic! They keep your food fresher for longer as well as help to greatly reduce plastic waste and save you money as well. They are handmade with GOTS certified Organic Cotton, Canadian beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil. With proper care, they will last up to a year or longer.

Salt Spring Island Bees Wax Wraps

Salt Spring Island Beeswax Wraps is a small business owned by the lovely Jade Watson offering Canadian Made Beeswax Wraps, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap all made by Jade with organic Cotton - helping to save the planet and reduce single-use plastics. You can also find her at local markets.

Magic of I. 

2020 Mini Astrological Pocket Planner in black - a powerful tool for creating magic and living in alignment with the cosmos. Not only is it a year, month and weekly planner, it is also a comprehensive guide to all of the moon movements, planetary placements and aspects of 2020 in entirety.

Vegan Leather Journal in rose - 192 page blank lined journal is the companion to the planners for all of your journalling purposes. Its silky-smooth vegan leather cover is buttery soft to the touch. Lined pages and a gold ribbon to mark your place, holographic edges to make opening and closing this journal a treasure from beyond.

Magic of I - Celebrating the magic of being alive. Using the cycles of the moon & planets to track & plan life. Tools for modern magic. Store link. "Founder Kerry Kershaw an ever-curious creative, lover and student of the moon and cycles, Kerry has been an artist and designer for over 15 years obsessed with the unseen energies that govern our world. The Magic of ‘Incarnation' is a celebration of being alive and gratitude for every moment in our temporary human bodies."

Celeste Jewellery

Choose your letter - Love Letter Heart Initial Necklace - Solid sterling silver pendant with a 50cm sterling silver chain. High polished finish. Choose your letter.

Celeste Jewellery run by the beautiful Celeste who makes tiny boxes & precious jewelry. Celestes' work is so unique, elegant and professional. Celeste operates from Melbourne and Florence. "My dreams today are simple and honest. Each piece I make is designed with heart. Amidst all the roles you have to play in life, I believe the “real you” is the one that dreams. Because your dream is your heart’s desire. - Celeste xxx"

Eclectica Vintage

$100 USD Gift Voucher to Vintage Eclectica online specializing in Vintage from the 1920’s to 1970’s 

Eclectica Vintage owned by Maria Simpson Passionate Vintage Seller "Stylist Lover of Fashion Design Art Music Photography Film Animals Wellness. Maria also has a passion for helping business with purpose get seen and make progress, she's a powerhouse lady!

Wild Jasmine Apothecary

Wild Jasmine Facial Care Kit - All Natural Facial Care Set includes: One (1) Jar of Botanical Facial Steam One (1) Jar of Facial Cleansing Grains

Wild Jasmine Apothecary

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Wild Jasmine Natural Apothecary is a handcrafted body care line of effective & affordable eco-conscious alternatives to commercial bath & body products. Driven by strong sustainability values, Jasmine, owner/formulator, strives to contribute to conscious lifestyles by offering beauty & self care products that make you look and feel good. She hopes you enjoy her products as much as she enjoys creating them for you.

Poets Ode

Sacred Threads Wrist Tie - Plant dyed hand-twisted silk threads adorned with antique amulets. Imbued with the elements, designed to tie on with a wish or intention.

Ode is a woman-owned business by maker Alia Elaraj. The focus is on intentional sacred adornments and ritual good which enhance daily life and practices. Each piece is made with natural materials, ethically sourced, dyed with plants or left in its natural state.

Junco Design 

BREEZE 36” scarf is inspired by that dream feeling of napping under palm trees on a perfectly warm day. Original photos were taken on the Big Island of Hawaii and have been manipulated with geometric shapes and dreamy colours for a classic tropical, summery vibe. Made of elegant chiffon that is soft and translucent.

Junco Design Instagram Giveaway

JUNCO design - Graphic designer and artist Tania Alexis Clarke started JUNCO with the mission of creating beautiful wearable art that honours and helps our planet.  Designs feature original artwork created with photographs of our natural world. All items are made in Canada with eco-friendly dyes and $1 from each sale is donated to conservation organizations.

Sarah Hammond Studio

Messengers from the Great Bear Oracle cards. Designed & Illustrated by Sarah Hammond & written by Brenda Holmes. An oracle deck is a self-inquiry tool. We would describe it as a way to learn about yourself and a truly self-guided exploration. By using this deck you are creating a ritual and a time to get quiet so you can pick up on the more subtle messages from your heart. It is a tool that guides you to give yourself time and space to think, sit and be. And, of course, be inspired to the beautiful animals and build a deeper reverence to this lovely planet. Designed & printed locally in Vancouver.

Sarah Hammod Studio

Sarah is known for her fine line drawings on paper. Allowing the viewer to get up close and personal with nature & her art. She has a passion for protecting and inspiring people to learn more about the natural world that we share with all the creatures around us. 5% of all sales go to a charity called CPAWS Canada Protecting parks & wilderness that inspires her most. 

Earth Central

Earth's Essentials Gemstone Roller Ball - Essential oils in a beautiful glass roller ball filled with clear quartz gemstone chips to help enhance the healing properties of the flowers in this blend. Roll to aid with anxiety, relaxation, depression, and heartache.

Chakra Wall Hanging - Embroided wall hanging from Rishikesh, India

Earth Central is a women-owned brick & mortar as well as an online store, nestled in the heart of historic downtown Nevada City, Ca. Ellie & Sraddha opened Earth Central in November 2019, with the mission to showcase both local and global artisans as well as their own unique finds and creations. This beautiful space is also used for hosting facilitators to share creative workshops on crafts or wellness.

Alexandria King

Mother of All Ages Poetry Book - “When we wake, is something I heard a lot while channeling this book of poems that enlivens the earth, and us. Being one with the earth is the call and I hear her. You will too. This is my first book of channeled texts and I wondered for such a long time who would even want to hear it. I don’t fully understand what is happening when I ‘hear’ words, but as I read the poems over their layered meanings bring meaning to me through different times. I hope you enjoy this book as greatly as I have. I hope it moves you as you need to be moved."

Alexandria King the "free woman and traveling writer who has presented on SexTV for Raising Sexually Healthy Children and at the Guelph Sexuality Conference for Counseling Teens. Also, author of The Moon In You illustrated by her daughter Leighyah, her first book." 

Good luck everyone!

Please be sure to check out our individual stores and support these lovely ladies where you can. We all need support, advocates and love and to be seen and heard. A little support goes a long way, reach out, say hi, leave a review it all helps so so much for us to spread our magic, stay motivated and rise up together.

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