Giveaway of 2022 Celebrating Conscious Living

Here lies our 2022 giveaway celebrating conscious living

I'm excited to announce the 2022 Giveaway! The winner will receive the prize pool (listed below) to share with their tagged friend or Mum for Mothers Day (coming up 8 May). 

Each year we join forces with some incredible creators to giveaway a magic conscious living inspired prize pool, something I really love doing. Collaborative giveaways bring us together to celebrate and share our hearts and the magic within. There are some incredible creators doing amazing things and the more we work together the more we create a positive impact, bigger than we ever thought possible.

How to enter

Giveaway opens for entries 13:00 (PST) 2 March 2022 - Entries close 12:00 (PST) 16 March 2022 - Winner drawn at random 14:00 (PST) 16 March 2022.

Enter this giveaway by finding the 2022 giveaway post on any of our accounts and follow the instructions listed starting here.

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The prize pool

The Woven Dream

The Woven Dream is a handmade shop and workshop space by Hayley Rose who creates all-natural, plastic-free, ethical art, weaving kits and jewellery and teaches workshops connecting to creativity, our roots and ancestors through meditation, weaving and the process of sourcing sustainable natural materials.

$150 Jewellery Gift Voucher for The Woven Dream - Shop online and choose your dream jewellery piece that suits you best.

Amethyst Flower Cluster - x 2 Beautiful Amethyst Flower Clusters to cleanse and clear your space, clear your mind and possessions. 

DIY Weaving and Meditation Kit - x 2 DIY Small Basket Weaving and Meditation Kits weaving kits in small designed for weavers from beginners to pros and everyone in-between. These weaving kits are perfect for all weaving and meditation journeys and are a special experience to take with yourself, your Mumma, friends or family.

Autumn Skye Art

Autumn Skye Art creates stunning original paintings “Each canvas takes me on a journey, and as my paintbrush follows, each time I am led back to my center. I believe that the role of the artist is especially crucial at this challenging and exciting time. While the world is at the precipice of momentous change, artworks have the potential to be maps, and these maps can help guide humanity forward into new and positive ways of seeing and being. through creativity we have the opportunity to transmute shadow and pain into visions of healing and wholeness."

Inspiration Cards/Oracle Deck by Autumn Skye - x 2 55 Card Decks. Special self-published card deck features full images of artwork on one side and aligning messages on the back. They are intended to inspire and empower the user through reflective imagery and sweet and simple messages and insights, allowing personal intuition and meditation. 55 glossy cards 3.75"x5.75", no booklet.

Sticker Collection of Paintings by Autumn Skye ART - x 8 all-weather vinyl stickers, full color with UV laminate for durability, shine, and scuff resistance; to survive on cars, water-bottles, etc

Mar de Estrellas Astrologia

Mar de Estrellas Astrologia (Sea of Stars Astrology) by Claudia Ochoa, a well seasoned, professional astrologer based in Mexico. Claudia is bright intuitive soul offering a range of specialty astrology sessions tailored to suit clients current situations and needs in both Spanish and in English.

Mar de Estrellas Astrology Session x 2 Tailored Intuitive Astrology Sessions via Skype or Zoom in English or Spanish exploring two of Claudia's specialty sessions: Natal Chart - your life potential, main challenges, support to navigate. Solar Return - a view of available energy and main themes for your new cycle. Transits - how to adapt to current energies. Synastry - how your energy mixes with someone else's (compatibility) Electional - If you're launching something important and would like to have the stars support to make it work, this one is for you. 

Sarah Hammond Studio

Sarah is known for her fine line drawings on paper. Allowing the viewer to get up close and personal with nature & her art. Sarah has a passion for protecting and inspiring people to learn more about the natural world that we share with all the creatures around us. 5% of Sarah's sales go to Canada Protecting Parks & Wilderness.

Messengers from the Great Bear Oracle cards - x 2 Oracle Decks designed & illustrated by Sarah Hammond & written by Brenda Holmes. This deck helps you create a ritual and time to get quiet so you can pick up messages from your heart. It is a tool that guides you to give yourself time and space to think, sit and be. And, of course, be inspired by the animals and build a deeper reverence to this lovely planet. Designed & printed locally in Vancouver.

Magic of i. 

Magic of i. - Celebrating the magic of being alive. Using the cycles of the moon & planets to track & plan life. "Founder Kerry Kershaw an ever-curious creative, lover and student of the moon and cycles, has been an artist and designer for over 15 years obsessed with the unseen energies that govern our world. The Magic of ‘Incarnation' is a celebration of being alive and gratitude for every moment in our temporary human bodies."

2022 Astrological Planner x 2 Magic of i. Planners (1 in black, x 1 mini in white). Powerful tools for creating magic and living in alignment with the cosmos. Not only are these beauties a year, month and weekly planner, they are also a comprehensive guide to moon movements, planetary placements and aspects of 2020.

Vegan Leather Journal - x 1 in stone 192 page blank lined journal, the companion to the MOI planners for all of your journalling purposes. Silky-smooth vegan leather cover, lined pages, gold ribbon marker, holographic edges.

Vegan Leather Pocket Journals - x 1 in desert brown limited edition 152 page lined pocket journals, stunning mini journals for all your journalling purposes. Imbued with magic and intention to celebrate the gift of being alive. 

Eclectica Vintage

Eclectica Vintage is owned by Maria Simpson a passionate vintage seller creative consultant and stylist. Eclectica Vintage shares unique vintage treasures and one of a kind pieces helping our environment by encouraging us all to shop vintage and ditch fast fashion.

$200 USD Gift Voucher to Vintage Eclectica - Shop Vintage Eclectica online and choose your very ow unique pieces. 

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Good luck everyone!

Please be sure to check out our individual stores and support where you can. No matter how big or small, support, advocates, love, to be seen and heard goes a long way. Reach out, say hi, leave a review, comment, save, share, talk - it all helps a great deal in to share our magic, stay motivated and rise up together.

The fine print

This giveaway is no way endorsed, sponsored, associated or administrated by Instagram. By entering, entrants confirm they are 18 years or older and release Instagram of all responsibility and are adhering to Instagram terms of use. 

To enter Instagram accounts must be public so we can contact you.

Winner will be chosen at random. Winner is responsible for splitting the the prize pool with their friend or family member tagged. Winner is responsible for getting the prizes to their tagged friend or family member as we will only post to one location. 

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