Gratitude, Ritual + Nature's Beauty

I'm feeling really inspired after an amazing weekend full of adventure, connection with nature and awesome humans and fun. What I have noticed after these beautiful weekends is that I spend most of Monday morning thinking about all the greatness in this world, in nature, in ourselves and in others.

There is so much to love in this beautiful life and we still seem to spend so much time not giving the lovable things much more than a passing thought. We often get lost and focus on the things we don’t love, whats not good enough, what needs improving. The more we think these thoughts the more they consume and rule us.

Like it or not it happens to everyone regularly as so much of what happens in this busy world can cloud our perspective, dim our light and make us feel small.

Just taking the time to reflect allowed what I thought was negative to shift to a positive experience, allowing the space to nurture love, happiness and gratitude and change my focus to whats going on right now to connect deeply with my feelings.

What if in each of these positive experiences we spent time reflecting on love and gratitude and how we can create more of them in our own life and the lives of others? 


As I grow within myself and my business The Woven Dream I’m quickly learning that these little insights are extremely important to use as a guide to build me up, make me stronger, give me momentum and drive. We all experience insights like these differently but do many of us actually do anything about them?



These reflections of love and gratitude need to be promoted, recognised and CELEBRATED, they need to be incorporated into life, just like brushing your teeth, putting your shoes on or having a shower.

In the interconnected web and complexity the human mind it’s really important to recognise these connections and build on them positively, as it's easy to forget or just think of something else with so much going on. I believe implementing and practising a gratitude ritual is the turning point, turn a simple task like being grateful into regular meaningful occurrence gives it the most power.



The victory of recognising this regular Monday morning ritual or reflection, sees a new emerging ritual, one to share insights, love and gratitude from the past week to recognise and remember the greatness and show gratitude for all we have. 

Getting intentions out there in the world is a really important part of sticking to them so my practising this ritual begins today, sharing gratitude, love and insights, to reinforce positive shifts, to surrender them and trust that the universe has my back.

Sharing and sticking to a schedule isn't easy at the best of times and learning not to force processes upon yourself is also important, being patient with yourself and letting things flow needs to be respected just as much at the intentions you set.

Right now the biggest thing that stands out is the beauty in nature, it's ability calm my mind, realign my soul, make my heart sing and deepen my connections with the amazing people around me who share this love of nature with me and the rest of the world!


Photos taken along the Yarra River Warrandyte, Melbourne in this weekend I speak of.

With love,

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