Wandering Oak Detail



Handmade with love featuring a real oak leaf collected from Melbourne's Yarra River side electroplated with copper to capture and preserve all natural details.  Other elements are cruelty-free emu feathers. and leather.

A beautiful natural detail to hang where you wish, use as an accessory or decoration to inspire your inner explorer, wander through oak trees and soak up the sun rays.

This is for 1 detail with a copper leaf

FREE gift wrapping and handmade card with message upon request

This is for 1 bag detail

**NONE of our jewellery or accessories are made from a mould, every one has a piece of nature captured eternally inside**

Emu Feathers

The cruelty-free emu feathers used in this piece symbolise journeying towards nourishment, becoming grounded and aware of your surroundings and seeing endless opportunity in all situations. The emu is a strong adaptable and wise bird, known in aboriginal mythology as the bringer of light to the earth and light to the heart.