Woven Merino Basket - Purple Emu



A vessel for your favorite things.

Handwoven in Canada from 100% beautiful soft Merino Wool, blue oat grass, pine needles, cruelty-free emu feathers and our handmade gumtree bases.

Size 9cm in diameter and 4cm high.

FREE gift wrapping and handmade card with message upon request

This is for 1 basket

The Process

No trees are harmed to create any of my creations, wood bases come from fallen tree limbs within my family property in Australia. Bases are cut, sanded and drilled by my father and I. All creations are made with love and respect in honor of mother nature's beauty and magic.

This basket was made using the coiling technique dating back 10,000 years ago, leaving a strong sense of connection to ancestors, past lives, family and community and the self. With each stitch connecting to the next passing round and round, every time something new is woven it creates a new journey bringing amazing energy, growth and deep meditation.