Amethyst Necklace - Large Specialty Piece


Citrine Necklace - Large Specialty Piece

Amethyst pendant measures 52mm by 37mm

Ethically sourced crystal necklace created handmade and electroplated over time with recycled copper. My jewellery is made to last this is not brush plated or dipped and has been made with love, time, care and dedication.

Comes with an 18 inch (Classic Pearl Necklace length) sterling silver (925) chain and clasp

This is for 1 pendant with 1 chain as described and pictured 

AMETHYST - by The Woven Dream

Amethyst is said to allow you to find yourself in a calm meditative state that enhances positive energy. Amethyst is a crystal commonly known to bring power protection and wisdom along with a calm mind, intuitive awareness and a deeper love of the Divine here promoting spiritual wisdom. 

When work Amethyst in ancient greek mythology became well renowned to balance the mind and bring in either a calming sense or act as a stimulant depending on which is needed most.

Exposure to the sunlight will amplify healing qualities and reduce negative energy that may be present so it's a great home and on body companion for anyone and any household.

Amethyst is the Birthstone of the very lucky February babes.

The Chakra System Amethyst is related to is commonly the crown. Within this system, Amethyst has healing powers to help with emotional trauma and physical ailments and amplifies healing, energy, and balancing. Using Amethyst as a healing aid is said to assist with physical ailments of the nervous system, calm or remove nightmares, help with regulating sleep cycles (insomnia) and the overall balancing of the crown chakra and chakras below the crown.

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