Pink Tourmaline Necklace



Pendant measures 29mm x 10mm

Comes with 570mm sterling silver (925) chain with link lock

Ethically sourced raw natural crystal, handmade and electroplated with recycled copper, made to last. My jewellery is made to last and is not brush plated or dipped all creations are made with love, time, care and dedication. I also offer free repairs and cleaning services if needed.

This is for 1 pendant (pink pendant shown in images) with 1 chain only

Pink Tourmaline - By The Woven Dream

Pink Tourmaline is the ultimate self-love magical crystal. It's used for healing and cleansing the emotional body, known to reduce and or eliminate negative self- talk and patterns and to clean up nasty old wounds that linger. Worn close to heart its a releaser of anxiety, guilt, depression and worry, phew! annnnnd helps us to change those shitty thoughts into positive action. 

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Length Guide