Chrysocolla Owl Medicine Dream Weaver



This Dream Weaver is not just a piece of art but an intentional creation to harness wisdom, power and clarity.

Handcrafted from all natural materials including a stunning ethically sourced raw crystal, recycled ivy, vintage wooden beads and cruelty-free owl feathers.

Hanging Size: length 68cm, width 24cm

This item ships from Canada within Canada only

This is for 1 handmade Dream Weaver


Materials selected signify different things to different people, and the intention of this Dream Weaver is to remind you to take time to yourself, to feel connected to everything that brings you positive energy and offer a distinct presence to your home or creative space, weaving dreams of the wilderness beyond, nurturing your connection with nature and inspiring you to create the life that you want 

Owl Feather

The Owl helps navigate deception and illusion and helps us to see what's kept hidden. Helps to see a clearer meaning, actions and state of mind of those around you.

Essentially a totem of wisdom and power helping you to see the true reality of a situation or persons motives. 

Helping you to make decisions based on solid foundations and clear up confusing situations. 


Natures work of art, this beautiful Chrysocolla will help to clear the throat chakra allowing you to communicate what you need when you need. The dreamy ocean throws draw you into a natural meditative state whilst cleansing and grounding. Chrysocolla is also known to help cleanse and regulate internal organs.

Note: Please do not get this precious crystal wet.