Coffee Bean Necklace - Silver with rolo chain

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This funky silver coffee bean necklace for you or someone special will give you a fresh buzz of energy and style. 

Organic Coffee Bean sourced from my favorite place in the world to drink coffee Bluhouse Market and Cafe, North Vancouver BC.

Each silver coffee bean is solid 925 silver and was once a real coffee bean that has been individually and very slowly plated in recycled copper, then made into a special mold to make solid silver pendants. Each necklace has been assembled by hand with love and care.

Comes with 460mm (18 inch) 925 sterling silver chain. Classic pearl necklace length, view the images here and guide below for an idea of where pendant will sit. 

This is for 1 silver pendant with 1 silver chain.

Ships to Canada, United States, Australia and elsewhere on request. 

These necklaces in both copper and silver can be made from your very own beans to make them super special, just ask me and I can make it, and make it happen.

Wholesale is available for both silver and copper coffee beans. Please get in touch if you have any questions. 

If you are a repeat customer please instant message me via the facebook message button on the bottom right and I will send you a loyalty customer code for a special discount to say thank you!

Length Guide