Coffee Bean Earrings- Copper & Silver


Coffee Bean Sleeper/s - nature enclosed in copper

This funky copper coffee bean sleeper for you or someone special will give you a fresh buzz of energy and style. 

Each copper coffee bean has been individually plated slowly over time for maximum natural detail and strength. Plated with recycled copper phone line wires for that extra zap of liveliness.

Each bean is unique (as the real bean is eternally inside) and handmade with love and care. The type of copper plating I use is a lengthy process usually 5-8 days per piece, providing pendants with strength and durability. My plating is very different from painted or dipped cheap and fast methods of plating. 

I offer guaranteed quality, free repairs and cleaning services to keep your items as good as new.

Pendant comes with a sterling silver 925 sterilized sleeper measuring outside edge to edge at 22mm.

This is for 1 copper pendant with 1 silver sleeper - however, you can also select a pair.

Each copper coffee bean pendant may vary to images as each bean is natural and unique. If you receive a bean that you do not like you may request another as they are the coolest little things and I want you to love your unique creation.

Ships to Canada, United States, Australia and elsewhere on request. 

These pendants come in both copper and silver can be made from your very own beans to make them super special just for you, your business or brand, just ask me and I can make it, and make it happen.

Wholesale is available for both silver and copper coffee beans. Please get in touch if you have any questions. 

**NONE of our copper jewellery is made from a mold. Every pendant is unique and has a real piece of nature captured eternally inside. Yes there is a real coffee bean inside.**

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