Kundalini Citrine Cluster Necklace - Large Specialty Piece


Kundalini Citrine Cluster Necklace - Large Specialty Piece

Citrine pendant measures 44mm by 23mm

Ethically sourced crystal, handmade and electroplated with recycled copper, made to last. My jewellery is made to last this is not brush plated or dipped and has been made with love, time, care and dedication. I also offer free repairs and cleaning services

This Citrine is not heat-treated, it is in its natural form and is absolutely stunning, especially in different lighting angles bringing out several special rainbow reflections.  

Comes with an 18 inch (Classic Pearl Necklace length) sterling silver (925) chain and clasp

This is for 1 pendant with 1 chain as described and pictured 

CITRINE - By The Woven Dream

Citrine provides sunny positive vibes, happy abundant energy, inspires creativity and adventure, connects you to your own power centre and lets you take a role of leadership in manifesting the change you want to see in the world.

Citrine is aligned with the solar plexus, the sun and fire (the energy of light) it emanates strength and power. Commonly used to embody natural endurance, take control of your life and get a hold of personal willpower, Citrine aids in observing the self (getting to know your own and personal identity, needs, opinions and beliefs), clarity of judgment, self-independence, confidence assurance and discipline. 

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