Turquoise Necklace



Turquoise Pendant measures approximately 9mm x 10mm

Comes with 520mm sterling silver (925) chain with clasp - perfect to layer with a piece on a longer chain

Ethically sourced raw natural crystal, handmade and electroplated with recycled copper, made to last. My jewellery is made to last and is not brush-plated or dipped all creations are made with love, time, care and dedication. I also offer free repairs and cleaning services if needed.

This is for 1 pendant with 1 chain as shown in images with chains

TURQUOISE - By The Woven Dream

There and many cultural ties with Turquoise as it is one of the oldest mined gems around, and many meanings you can formulate for it, however, the most important one is how you feel with it in your hand, what it means and symbolizes for you, in your own unique expression.

The goddess Hathor was known as the "Lady of Turquoise" and the "Turquoise Goddess" in ancient Egyptian Religion. Hathor was a mother, a sky deity, a protector, and a helper who represented kindness, music, dance, joy, love and sexuality, she was a symbolic mother of earthly representatives. 

This celestial goddess was often depicted as a woman wearing a headdress of cow horns and a sun disk, and also represented as a lioness, cobra, or sycamore tree. The Tourouise Goddess was viewed as the Egyptian conception of feminity who crossed boundaries between worlds and helped deceased souls transition to the afterlife.

With turquoise as the representation of this goddess, it is believed that the power behind the great traits of Hathor can be harnessed within this beautiful gem and put to use to help in your everyday life when worn close to your heart.

Turquoise is the December birthstone and is also considered sacred to the indigenous peoples of the American Southwest, pre-Columbian Aztec and Maya these cultures shared the same beliefs that Turquoise was the bringer of good fortune or talisman. 

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