DIY Weaving Kit - Partial Kit with Extra Weaving Bases



Partial weaving kit, with a set of 3 bases, a weaving base instruction booklet, and a weaving needle. This kit is designed for you to use the weaving bases included to coil weave from, it allows you to choose your own natural coiling materials and wools to start unique weaving projects with. Suitable for beginners to advanced weavers as the instruction booklet included will provide information and resources and for your imagination and creations. 

Each wood round is unique with natural markings from different natural conditions.

Sizes and wood used for weaving discs vary, diameter approximately 6cm, thickness approximately 6mm per piece.

No trees are harmed with my wood bases, they come from fallen tree limbs and are cut and drilled by me. All creations are made with love and respect in honor of mother nature's beauty and magic.

Information booklets are printed and cut by me on 100% recycled FSC approved paper with ink from a return and recycling program.

All packaging is recycled and recyclable.

This kit contains 1 coil weaving instruction booklet (for weaving off a weaving disc only), 3 wooden bases (wood rounds will vary in wood, shapes and sizes), and 1 coiling needle. This kit is a partial kit only. You will need your own wool and natural materials to use for coil weaving. If you are after specific materials or information please get in touch as I may have on hand to add to this for you.

The Process

The coiling technique dates back 10,000 years ago, leaving a strong sense of connection to ancestors, past lives, family and community, and the self. With each stitch connecting to the next passing round and round, every time something new is woven it creates a new journey bringing amazing energy and growth. Weaving creates a natural meditative state to bring peace to the maker that carries over to the owner of the basket.


Get in touch if you would like to book yourself a weaving workshop, a zoom session, or you can view workshops on offer for groups or individuals in a range of options online.