Learn traditional weaving techniques, connect-create-meditate

"Weaving is a natural meditation bringing a strong sense of connection to the natural world, our roots and those around us” 
-Hayley Kershaw 

Workshops and experiences pop up regularly around the world, facilitated by artist and Creative Director Hayley Kershaw. Hayley has spent the last few years working with various natural fibers, journeying through meditative practices and learning and teaching techniques to bring people together. This journey is what allows The Woven Dream to teach, design and create ethical handmade goods using natural sustainable materials.

Workshops pop up wherever we travel, be sure to catch a workshop near you when you can or request one in your area!

For current workshop dates view our workshops schedule coming soon! or arrange a customised experience wherever you are in the world. Workshops and experiences can be tailored and brought to events, retreat spaces, ceremonies, celebrations, group circles and more!