Dream Weavers of the Woven Dream


Dream. To endlessly envision anything and everything we choose without limits.
Weaver. A creator, spinner, a maker of a complex story or design.

Hand crafted through meditative practice and from specially selected crystals, natural materials and up-cycled jewellery, each Dream Weaver emanates a unique, vibrant energy and brings a distinct presence to your home or creative space. These powerful natural totems weave dreams of the wilderness beyond; nurturing your connection with nature and inspiring you create the life that you want.

Only clear focus, pure intent and a state of Zen can create a Dream Weaver – by relinquishing control and unburdening the mind from worldly thoughts the vine is allowed to guide the weaver, creating a unique expression of natural beauty and healing energies.

All materials used in the construction of Dream Weavers are natural or recycled. All feathers are collected from the wild or sourced from cruelty-free feather specialists; all vines are sourced from homes that are removing them; and all bark is collected from the ground. No damage to the natural world has come from creating these pieces. 

Each Dream Weaver features and ethically sourced crystal that holds its own element of inspirational and healing qualities, and cruelty-free feathers from birds with a unique messages.