Blue Lace Agate Dream Weaver



This Dream Weaver is not just a piece of art but an intentional creation to connect you deeper to your spiritual ancestry and physical present, empowering you to change and transform as your will dictates.

Hand crafted from all natural materials including ethically sourced Blue Lace Agate, recycled Wisteria and wooden beads, cruelty-free Ostrich and Fowl feathers.

Hanging Size: height 70cm, width 26cm

You will receive your Dream Weaver in a beautiful reusable hard wood box, handmade with 100% recycled wood.

FREE SHIPPING within Australia and gift wrapping upon request (this item can not be shipped outside Australia)

This is for 1 handmade Dream Weaver and 1 handmade Wooden Box


Materials selected signify different things to different people, and the intention of this Dream Weaver is to remind you to take time to yourself, to feel connected to everything that brings you positive energy and offer a distinct presence to your home or creative space, weaving dreams of the wilderness beyond, nurturing your connection with nature and inspiring you create the life that you want.

Blue Lace Agate Crystal

Layered like a Russian doll of generations built upon each other and chromatically aligned with Vishuddha, the throat chakra, this agate serves as a powerful tool for communication with one's ancestors and a reminder that their blood flows through your veins.

The bands of this stunning blue lace agate were formed by silica-rich liquid filling the cracks and seams of volcanic basalt rock. With gradual changes in temperature and pressure, the outer edge of the solution crystallised in alternate layers of quartz and chalcedony towards the centre, highlighted in bright colours from trace elements. The shimmering crystalline quartz face is the final inner layer and the completion of this process as the last of the silica-rich solution is used up.

Ostrich Feathers

The swift, nomadic Ostrich has acute hearing and the largest eyes of any land vertebrate allowing them to sense danger well before it senses them. The use of Ostrich feathers in this piece fosters greater awareness of one's circumstances and the ability to move quickly when the time for change presents itself.