Amethyst Baby Dream Weaver - Custom Made



This Baby Dream Weaver is not just a piece of art but an intentional creation to bring you calming energy in all forms, empowerment, protection, calmness and wisdom.

Handcrafted from all-natural or upcycled materials including a beautiful mini piece of Veracruz Amethyst, recycled beads, and cruelty-free feathers.

Hanging Size 5.5cm wide, 12cm long

This is for 1 Handmade Custom Dream Weaver (the dream weaver in the image is just an example. Working together we can create a dream weaver to suit your specific needs, or the perfect custom made creation for someone you love.


Materials selected signify different things to different people, and the intention of this Dream Weaver is to remind you to take time to yourself, to feel connected to everything that brings you positive energy and offer a distinct presence to your home or creative space, weaving dreams of the wilderness beyond, nurturing your connection with nature and inspiring you create a life you love.


Amethyst draws your eyes into it's beautiful purples and lilacs in and allows you to find yourself in a calm meditative state that enhances positive energy.

A crystal commonly known to bring power protection and wisdom, amethyst offers a calm mind, bringing intuitive awareness and a deeper love of the Divine promoting spiritual wisdom.

Pheasant Feathers

Adorned with golden feathers, the Pheasant is an eternal symbol of the Sun and all that it empowers. The Pheasant is also able to adapt to a diverse range of habitats and despite its colourful plumage is highly skilled in the art of evasion.

The use of Pheasant feathers in this piece promotes vitality, adaptability and the ability to traverse dangerous situations without coming to harm.