Aquamarine Necklace


Naturally formed Raw Aquamarine Necklace

Aquamarine pendant measures 25mm by 14mm

Ethically sourced crystal, handmade and electroplated with recycled copper, made to last. My jewellery is made to last this is not brush plated or dipped and has been made with love, time, care and dedication. I also offer free repairs and cleaning services

Comes with an 18 inch (Classic Pearl Necklace length) sterling silver (925) chain and clasp

This is for 1 pendant with 1 chain as described and pictured 

AQUAMARINE - By The Woven Dream

Aquamarine - The ancient pool of water trapped in time transforms into a beautiful aqua blue timeless gemstone. A great tool for calming and soothing relationships and helping them last if they are truly meant to be.

Aquamarine literally came from water millions of years ago and is regarded as some of the oldest gemstones on the planet. Forming 500- 600 million years ago, before flora and fauna graced the earth Aquamarine brings solidifies relationship, helps build clarity and cleanses entwined souls giving the ability to crystalize shared goals and dreams.

The formation of Aquamarine is beautiful it forms in Beryl which is a type of pegmatite, pegmatite is a type of igneous rock. There are 3 categories of rock sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous. These rocks transform into another through geological processes over millions of years. Igneous rock is formed after molten rock (magma) surfaces in volcanic activity from deep within the core of the earth. Surfaced magma cools, water gets trapped within and in pockets the water becomes concentrated and crystallizes over time. Pegmatite contains a high amount of water meaning crystallisation forms to form quite quickly compared to other types of crystal. 

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