Bison Magic - Copper Moon Phase + Rose Quartz


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Made under the magic of the full moon this beautiful Bison skull will be the focal point of any space. 

The Symbol of the Wild. These magical animals deserve to be honored and recognized as powerful wise creates with an incredible way of healing our spirits. After spending 4 days following herds through wide open spaces within Yellowstone, sitting still, watching and listening as the sun set, its hard not to to feel their power and almost become it, These creatures hold so much spiritual healing power within and an overwhelming sense of strength.  

They come before us and will be here after us. Rise up and keep these beautiful animals wild as they are the true symbol of the wild, all you have to to is look into the eye of the bison and you will see the magic they hold to heal your soul. 

Bison are the only animals that will walk directly into a storm, they know they can get through it by facing heading straight into it and moving through it.

This piece cultivates the energy needed to face the storm just like the bison and balances this with the warmth and love from the Salt Spring rose quartz. The moon phases in this piece serve as a reminder, this is just a cycle as is life we are here to make the most of this life, this body, this time we have here on this earth. Wrap yourself in the warmth of the love and magic here while you can.

Peace River foraged bison skull (measuring 1 meter wide) with rose quartz and a recycled copper moon phase headdress.

This piece was designed honoring the spirit of the bison with wild love. 

Available now in Axe and Reel Outdoor Emporium on Salt Spring Island, currently taking custom orders, get in touch  today to arrange your dream creation.