Brecciated-Jasper & Copper Point Necklace



This beautiful Brecciated-Jasper & Copper Point will match an elegantly styled outfit as its deep red hue has veins of black running through it. 

Brecciated jasper forms when jasper fractures, and crystals of hematite and/or quartz form in the open spaces.

In the land of crystal healing Brecciated jasper creates space for grounding and emotional stability. Also protects low-level EMF radiation, constantly emitted by electrical appliances and devices. This stone balances yin/yang energies; additionally it promotes clear thinking, which in turn leads to heightened solution awareness.

This tumbled point has been plated over time individually and slowly with a lot of love. Made by me and made to last . All points are made with a whole lot of love  from recycled copper and crystal. Each piece designed has a unique meaning and story.

Pendant comes on a sterling silver (925) chain measuring 18 inches with a clasp.

This is for 1 pendant with 1 silver chain.

Length Guide