Deer Medicine - Copper + Spirit Quartz


Medicine of Deer

The medicine of deer teaches gentleness in being, to observe closely our behaviors and bring light to the qualities and power of ourselves and those around us. Through the Deer we learn gentleness, compassion and unconditional love. Only in love of both ourselves and others, do we understand the true meaning of wholeness.

This beautiful Deer Skull was collected from the BC Islands forest floor. No animals are harmed to create any of my creations, all are made with love and respect in honor of mother nature's beauty and magic.

This is a real Deer skull adorned with pure copper, an elegant upcycled brass triangular headdress and a beautiful ethically sourced sparkly spirit quartz designed to sit or hang in your sacred space.

The Symbol of the Wild. All animals deserve to be honored and recognized as powerful wise creatures with incredible magic to heal our spirits.

A part of The Woven Dreams Altar Interiors - thoughtful designs for your home, creative spaces or altar spaces to bring in the magic.
Custom orders welcomed.
Photos by The Woven Dream staged photo by Magic of I.