DIY Weaving Kit - Small Basket


DIY Weaving Kit - Wood Base Coil Basket - Small Basket

DIY weaving kit designed for weavers from beginners to pros and all in-between and is perfect for all weaving and meditation journeys. A special journey to take with yourself, your Mumma, friends or family.

Includes a free handmade card if this is a gift! Please send me the text you would like in your card. 

Colours are shown in the product images. 

Kit contains all materials needed to make a small basket approximately 10x10cm including:

- DIY Weaving Instruction booklet with diagrams from my workshops for left + right-handed people
- Needle to fit wooden disc and yarns
- Natural or recycled blends of yarn (cotton/sheep/llama/alpaca/recycled nylon)
-Handmade wooden Birchwood, Fig or Walnut base with the perfect sized holes to fit your needle and wool through
- Pine needles, vines, natural fibres or grasses
- Cotton bag to store your supplies
- Access to the private online weaving group and weaving resources
- Video for left + right-handed people to start a simple coil basket off a wooden disc

The Process

The coiling technique dates back 10,000 years ago, leaving a strong sense of connection to ancestors, past lives, family and community, and the self. With each stitch connecting to the next passing round and round, every time something new is woven it creates a new journey bringing amazing energy and growth.

Weaving creates a natural meditative state to bring peace to the maker that carries over to whoever you gift your creations to. Further information is provided in the booklet that comes with your kit.


Sizes of DIY baskets will vary from person to person as this depends on how big or small you wish to weave, how close together your stitches are and the shape you choose to weave, different wool sizes, and materials used.

Smaller baskets shown in the images have been made with just half the contents of one small basket weaving kit as an example.

No trees are harmed with any of my creations, wood bases come from fallen tree limbs. These are cut and drilled by my partner and I. All creations are made with love and respect in honour of mother nature's beauty and magic. Grasses and natural material bundles used are all ethically sourced.