Dream Weaver Experience Private up to 10 person group ACT, Australia



Get in touch to arrange a group workshop, currently running in Australian and Canadian summers.

This workshop runs for 3.5 hours including a 30 minute break.

Materials, guidance and a delicious organic light snack provided (GF on request)

Suitable for beginners and all stages

Note: Please bring a crystal or gemstone to use as the centrepiece of your Dream Weaver it is recommended to choose something that has significant meaning or power for you. If you would like help with your choice we have a Crystal Guide available and some great places we can direct you to to find them.

Crystals will be available to purchase at the workshop with prior arrangement, you are welcome to bring any feathers or additions you may like to incorporate.


You will receive materials to complete a Dream Weaver (crystals arranges prior), a mini sage bundle for smudging and a nourishing organic light snack. 


Your booking is a donation to attend this workshop. Spaces fill up quickly and are limited to 10 people per class. Contact us if you have any questions.


You will be creating a Dream Weaver with natural, ethical and cruelty free materials, a totem used to heal and guide put together with the magic of ritual, ancient processes, cleared and focused positive energy, and healing energies from the crystal, gemstone or rock you bring. Your Dream Weaver will reflect the energy invested into its creation - your consciously chosen crystal, your clearing ritual, your creative energy and your good intentions.

You will learn the ancient technique of smudging (burning sage to clear any negative energy from the tools you will be using, the self, the group circle and the space) this process will be taught and used to set good intentions to bring amplified healing power and significant meaning into your creation.

You will be guided through the process of weaving a wreath as the base of your Dream Weaver.

Weaving is a creative meditation that is really special in a group environment, it brings free flowing peaceful energy to the maker and a greater sense of connection to those around you. Weaving is also a great solo meditation and creative outlet and can be done anywhere, anytime.

For the final touches you will add your crystal or gemstone and will be given the opportunity to select materials to add to your Dream Weaver including beads, leather, string, copper, and feathers.

For other examples and more information on Dream Weavers please see the Dream Weaver collections here.


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