Origami Crane Necklace - Made to Order


Origami Paper Crane In Copper

Handmade from recycled origami and copper this crane is now captured in time forever as a symbol of happiness, good fortune and longevity. Each piece is unique as the original crane remains inside and is encased in recycled copper.

Made to Order with love and special care over a period of 12 days to carefully preserve all the intricate details and beauty. A mini work of art, a lot of work and love goes into these beautiful creations to hold close to your heart.

Origami Crane pendant measures approximatly 20mm x 31mm.

Comes with 700mm (27'55inches) sterling silver (925) chain and link lock.

**NONE of my copper jewellery is made from a mold - this pendant has a real origami crane handmade from recycled paper captured eternally inside**

Handmade from recycled materials with love.

This is 1 copper pendant with 1 silver chain.

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