Raccoon Medicine - Turquoise + Quartz


Beautiful Raccoon Skull a small piece designed to sit or hang in your sacred space.

A part of Altar Interiors - A branch of me - designs for your home business or space to bring in the magic - Custom Orders Welcomed.

Postage within Canada only for this item.

The Symbol of the Wild. All animals deserve to be honored and recognized as powerful wise creatures with an incredible way of healing our spirits

This piece cultivates strength and play combined with some serious get shit done kind of energy and also serves as a protection piece. 

Do you often wonder why the world is so serious when play is a major source of relaxation and stimulation and a fun way to fuel your imagination, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and emotional well-being for ADULTS as well as kids.  Don't loose your inner child, scream and yell when you want to, play games, hide and scare the shit out of people, tickle until the culprit cant take it anymore. I see more and more childish behavior come out in times of stress or emotional hardship and I think, thank fuck we have this to break up the shitty parts of life. Your inner raccoon, unleash it! I do have to admit though some of us "cough" especially me never really got the whole boundary thing and often push them a little too far. Still learning lol. 

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