Rose Quartz Baby Dream Weaver - Custom Made



This Dream Weaver is not just a piece of art but an intentional creation to bring you heart-centered connection, love and the ability to adapt to change. 

Handcrafted from all-natural materials including ethically sourced Rose quartz, recycled wood and beads and cruelty-free pheasant feathers. 

Hanging Size: height 12cm, width 5cm

This is for 1 Handmade Custom Dream Weaver (the dream weaver in the image is just an example. Working together we can create a dream weaver to suit your specific needs, or the perfect custom made creation for someone you love.


Materials selected signify different things to different people, and the intention of this Dream Weaver is to remind you to take time to yourself, to feel connected to everything that brings you positive energy and offer a distinct presence to your home or creative space, weaving dreams of the wilderness beyond, nurturing your connection with nature and inspiring you create the life that you love.

Rose Quartz Crystal

This beautiful mini Rose Quartz relates to the heart Chakra, inviting in love, compassion and kindness making relationships including the relationship to the self fill with ease allowing space for open communication and understanding. 

Silver Pheasant Feathers

The pheasant is known to be a powerful creature, able to escape trouble in a hurry, survive in harsh conditions and able to adapt and live in a diverse range of habitats. As an element of this Dream Weaver the pheasant brings power, the ability to adapt to change and recognise danger, all great compliments to rose quartz bringing in love and heart centered connection.