Spirit Quartz Necklace



Pendant measures 29mm x 12mm

Comes with 700mm sterling silver (925) chain and link lock (or shorter on request)

Ethically sourced crystal, handmade and electroplated with recycled copper, made to last. My jewellery is made to last this is not brush plated or dipped and has been made with love, time, care and dedication. I also offer free repairs and cleaning services

This is for 1 pendant with 1 chain

SPIRIT QUARTZ - By The Woven Dream

Spirit Quartz is the natural world's perfect metaphor for how your growth as a person is affected by your environment and how reducing the stress in your life has powerful, positive effects on your physicality.

Spirit Quartz is an incredibly robust mineral able to survive through the harshest of conditions due to its great physical and chemical resistance. Natural Spirit Quartz develops in silica-rich hydrothermal environments at very high temperatures and pressures, forming free-floating tetrahedral crystals that grow layer by layer and eventually collide to form clusters. Each of the many points amps up the power of this beautiful piece.

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