Vadanite Crab Claw Necklace


Vadanite Crab Claw Necklace

Hold onto the moments that make you smile and let go of all that brings you down.

This beauty is a Vadanite and crab claw pendant hung on a 925 silver chain. Electroplated crab claw over 10 days, recycled quality copper with a beautiful cluster of held Vadanite.

Handmade from ethically selected Vadanite, recycled copper and a single selected crab claw selected from my beautiful coastal seaside adventures.

Keep this beauty close to your heart with the energy of the adventurous ocean dweller crab and Vadanite to bring a good balance between getting out there, staying determined, and taking action towards positive change.

Pendant measures 30mm by 2omm

Made to last (this is not brush plated or dipped), made with love, time, care and dedication.

Comes with a quality guaranteed sterling silver chain

This is for 1 pendant with 1 chain as described and pictured 

Free repairs and cleaning services if needed

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Vadanite is an all-time favorite of mine, this is the getting shit done crystal it gives drive and determination along with the vitality needed to sustain you while taking action. Perfect for planning and positive change.

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