Woven Blackberry Wreath


Woven Blackberry Wreath

Handwoven with love from 100% recycled ethically scoured and stripped blackberry vines.

Rewild your home or altar spaces with these beautiful raw and natural feature pieces, perfect for any space or occasion.

Wreaths to hang as is or design your own creation, add funky succulents, beautiful flowers or your favourite naturals.

Materials sourced are from my personal collections and workshops I run teaching people to remove invasive species, up cycle garden waste correctly and use weaving methods as meditative practices.

We offer custom designs for all occasions from rose wreaths for Valentines Day, holly wreaths for Christmas, flower/succulent rings and dream catchers/weavers for weddings and birthdays.

Protect mother nature, say no to plastic 💖

Wreath measures approximately 22cm.