Woven Coaster - Pack of 4



This woven coaster was Handwoven in Melbourne from 100% merino wool and She Oak

Designed to  create peace, connection and protection

FREE gift wrapping and handmade card with message upon request

Size 12cm

This is for 4 coasters designed as pictured

Please allow 5 working days for this set to be handmade for you (please get in touch if you would like a more than 4 coasters in your set or different colours made, this may increase cost, enquire prior to purchasing for changes).

The Process

This basket was made using the coiling technique dating back 10,000 years ago, leaving a strong sense of connection to ancestors, past lives, family and community and the self. With each stitch connecting to the next passing round and round, every time something new is woven it creates a new journey bringing amazing energy and growth. This particular coaster woven to create a meditative state to bring peace to the maker that carries over to the owner.


With tough bark to protect against coastal winds and a root system that fastens them in place even in the sandiest of locations, the She-Oak is perfectly adapted to the constant change of coastal environments.

The Tahitians believed She-Oaks were a reincarnation of the enduring warrior spirit, with their hair turning into foliage and their blood turning into the red sap that bleeds from the tree. The Tahitians continued this cycle of honour by fashioning weapons from the hard wood of the She-Oak.