Moroccan Tiles Tumbled by the Sea

Moroccan Tiles Tumbled by the sea - sourced with love - made into jewels by me 

As I took on the first leg of what was unknown to me to be an ongoing journey of exploration, travel, design and house and pet sitting over 2 years ago. I spent a month walking the along the ocean in Morocco. This was an incredible experience indulging in loads of sun, sand and surfing.

I would walk daily along the seaside searching for beautiful pieces of naturally tumbled Moroccan Tiles shaped by the by the throws of the ocean and grit of the sand and seashells. As the sun set, the light caught those that wanted to be seen and sent me in search, sifting through the sand of the shores. I would get lost for hours and be totally at peace beside the beautiful ocean and its soothing waves washing ashore.

Moroccan Tiles Tumbled by the sea

I often wonder where all the Moroccan Tiles came from and imagine the individual stories each one holds within. I look at them and think of the saying "if these walls could talk" and my imagination runs wild.

From once being inside the walls of Moroccan homes, to being used as mosaics, to being pulled down, broken into pieces and re purposed as exposed colours and patterns in the many cement walk ways. The walkways that lead through mazes, wonky staircases in between the rendered and painted walls of all the orange, pink, yellow and blue exterior Moroccan homes. Or even, pieces of sacred hammams (bath houses) where people go to experience traditional cleansing rituals and achieve a feeling of elevated full-body bliss. To then being rubble in the ocean washed ashore and made into beautiful Jewels adorning us in new ways, holding history, revived. 

The stories these pieces hold from any of these places are forever within and forever a mystery. For me each piece holds inspiration to explore the big wide world, what it has to offer and what we will all one day become.

Made with love and intent I have drilled, sealed (some but not all) and hung these stunning beauties on a 700mm quality sterling sliver chain with a link lock to keep them secure and safe, easy to fit over big and small heads. These are available on shorter chains as any sizes with clasps upon request. 

Where to find Moroccan Tiles Tumbled by the Sea 

Every now and again I make a few new ones and release them in the New Releases section of my online store found here.  OR if you are following me on Instagram you can often see what projects and pieces I'm working on. If you see something you want let me know before they go up or out to stores and you may get lucky. You can comment below, on instagram of get in touch here.

Current Stockists are The Woven Dream Online, and BC and Bluhouse Market and Cafe in North Vancouver BC

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