Today I Rise - Super Moon, Super Powers


A superb poem/short film and super powerful, especially today.

THE SUPER MOON is today! (AEDT 14th November 2016) This full moon will be the closest and brightest super moon of 2016 and the largest since 1948!

Super moons in general are all about women, how we feel about ourselves and how others/men feel about us.

I encourage you all to watch and share around this beautiful empowering short film Today I Rise by Alexandra Feldner and practice forgiveness, gratitude, support and moving through whatever is holding us back. Super moons = super powers, collective energy = super super powers. I don't know about you but I and many others have had a rough cycle this time around and I'm super excited to move through this one to see what goodness is to come.

Don't want to watch it? I'd really recommend you do as so much of the power is in the film and poem together, but if for some reason you just want the poem, here you go:


 ‘Where are you? Little girl with broken wings but full of hope
Where are you? Wise woman covered in wounds

Where are you?
Where are you?
Where are you?

Today is the day I will not sit still and give in anymore
Today, I rise

I am bruised, but I will get up and walk again
Today, I rise

I don’t care if you ignore my beauty
Today, I rise

Through the agony of my darkest nights I heal and thrive
Today, I rise, I rise

I move through the world with confidence and grace
I open my eyes and I am ready to face
My wholeness as a woman and my limitless capacities
I will walk my path with audacity
Today, I rise

I reconnect with the many aspects of myself
I’m in awe of the reality I can breed

I am a queen
I am a healer
A wise woman
A wild woman
I will rise and be

I am a rebel I will wake up and fight
I am a mother
and I am a child

I will no longer disguise my sadness and pain
I will no longer suffer and complain

I am black and I am white
There’s no reason to hide

Where are you?
Where are you?
Where are you?
Where are you?

I call upon Kālī to give me life
I transform my anger into power
No more heartache of strife

The world is missing what I am ready to give
My wisdom
My sweetness
My love
And my hunger for peace

I weep with the trees and the rivers and the earth in distress
I rise and shine and I’m ready to go on my quest

Today, I rise without doubt or hesitation
Today, I rise without excuses, without procrastination
Today, I call upon my sisters to join a movement of resolution and concern
Today is my call to action
I will fulfil my mission without further distraction

Today is the day
Today, I will start
Today I offer the world the wisdom of my heart’

by Alexandra Feldner, source:

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Happy Super Mooning!

Love, Hayley
Creative Director, TWD

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