Weaving Bluhouse into our Story

For the love of Bluhouse - Why we love Bluhouse with all our hearts!

You know the feeling when you walk into a place that resonates with you so much so you feel you are home and at peace with the universe?

For me this comes from feeling love and passion pouring out of someone and into a container such as a business or venture that’s offered to the public. The feeling is so clear, every last detail speaks to you, you see the magic in the creation and understand exactly how everything fits together and why.


Image by Bluhouse

"Our mission is to create a community gathered around beliefs that support our planet and spark conversation in the beauty of Deep Cove" 
- Bluhouse Market and Cafe

You see the love coming from someone’s soul has taken control and is serving a higher purpose. This is Bluhouse Market and Cafe. This feeling I speak of came to me as soon as I walked through the door of Bluhouse Market and Café in Deep Cove, North Van.

The moment I walked in the door I got it, I saw every detail put into this place was from someone’s soul, bursting with love and gratitude, someone that overflowed with passion desire, care, on a mission – creating a big thing making a huge difference in many people’s lives because it was built on LOVE.

Offering such a thing to the public sparks so much joy and inspiration and draws people in wanting to be a part of this amazing story of sustainability and healthy living. I observe this through the people every time I sit at Blu working, sipping almond milk coffees and amazing homemade soups and I feel the contentment and peace they feel, I notice their subtle smiles and sense of ease and often hear parts of amazing and inspiring conversations from them. These people are contagious and they are creating an everlasting positive ripple effect across the world - thanks to you Blu!

Check out the fresh, organic, vegan, sustainable, healthy, ethical - menu, food, products, events and story here! Here are some of my favourites form the market that I couldn't live without living in Canada (fresh Bluhouse made soup and all the other things I always buy - not pictured), I'm obsessed!  

The Woven Dream Bluhouse Favourites!

Some people get it and love it and it will change them for life, others just don't..but you still see them returning because the pull and loving energy of this place is so strong! 

Weaving at Bluhouse

 I knew Bluhouse was the right place for me and The Woven Dream, I took action and met with the lovely and inspiring owner Jen, we spoke about all of her organic local and nourishing produce and sustainable and ethical products she loves so much  that are all a part of Bluhouse (all perfectly aligned with The Woven Dream) and the beautiful, passionate story behind it. 

From this my Weaving Workshops and Jewellery landed the most perfect place and everything happened with ease and grace. These were some of the best workshops I have taught, connecting to the hearts and souls of some amazing people who I was lucky enough to teach (you all know who you are thank you!). 

The Woven Dream will be back in Canada from June to October 2017 with more workshops and retreats for private groups and open workshops at Bluhouse. 

Special meditations, creations, connections and Bluhouse treats/local organic produce  - all woven into the coming journey with us! 

Please ensure to contact me to get on the 2017 Weaving Workshop + Retreat Wait List, and ensure to sign up and Join the Tribe so you don't miss the updates, these fill quickly!

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