Made to Order

Unique specialty pieces made just for you - custom orders - made to last

Just for you or a special one of a kind gift for your loved ones! Choose from some of the designs in this collection, or you can get a custom design made.

Custom designs are my favorite, send me your request or ideas and lets work together to make some magic. I can work with just about any natural material; bones, sticks, leaves, crystals, wood, flowers or if you have something special, you can send me it to be made into a unique copper pendant to wear it close to your heart forever.

Every copper item is unique, all copper pedants have a piece of nature captured eternally inside. Silver pendants have been cast from an original and unique copper piece.

All custom orders are welcomed, don't be shy, I love hearing from you. Visit my Instagram Page for ideas and see current work in progress. I am always sharing the love and lifestyle there.

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