Welcome Home


Welcome home to The Woven Dream, a space created to connect you to nature, yourself and others, to nurture, heal, rejuvenate and integrate natural and conscious elements of the world's beauty into your life.

At every step of our journey the beauty of nature is everywhere, my creations are designed to bring awareness to the inner and outer worlds, balancing the self and the environment we live in. All designs are consciously inspired by nature, bringing the outdoors indoors and creating a deeper connection to ourselves and our spirit of adventure.

Natural, unique art, homewares and accessories

Adorn your sacred space with our heartwarming hand-woven Dream Weavers and Baskets, or hold a piece of nature close to your heart with our stunning natural Jewellery & Accessories.

Lovingly handmade with natural, recycled, ethically sourced materials

I take pride in carefully selecting materials and bringing harmony to your life without disrupting nature's harmony. All feathers are cruelty-free, all beads & trinkets are recycled, all crystals are ethically sourced and all vines are harvested sustainably.

Sharing the love and the lifestyle

Learn with a workshop or DIY Weaving and Meditation Kit, follow our Blog and view resources, connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or join our mailing list below! 

With Love,
Hayley Rose Kershaw